2CS provides an advisory report on the GDPR compliance 

of your business.

GDPR Action

Introduction : What is GDPR ?

The GDPR is an extra layer of protection for customers data and private life. It was introduced in the EU the 25 May 2018 to provide more control to individual over their personal information.

This regulation has two major consequences for individuals:

  • The right to be forgotten:

    • it offers the possibility for an individual to demand the deletion of his or her data from a company’s databases. But this can only happen if the company which holds that data has no legitimate reason not to delete it.

  • More transparency:

    • a company or organization that uses or holds customer’s data is obliged by law to be transparent about how they use that data and what they do with it as well as what rights people have regarding their own data.

What are GDPR impacts on our customers?


2CS did not want to wait for the roll-out of the GDPR in Switzerland to make changes to its policies and procedures, and therefore made adjustments well in advance of compliance with it.

However, we had to need to do the same rehabilitation for our existing customers. We will also have to readjust our whole plan for supporting their business in the future to deliver on this promise. It demands more tools, a better consideration of confidentiality and a respect of a customer policy which come from their software.

This expertise has become a real advantage for our clients. That’s why we offer a real service of advisory and key solution at those who have not yet fully implemented this new regulation to their software coding policies.

Why should you wait longer to conform your coding  directives to the GDPR?


Now, let’s focus on the key pain & key issue !

GDPR will finally go into effect on September 1, 2023.

Many companies have not yet taken all the necessary steps to comply with GDPR ! For the most part it’s companies with a large history of business or custom software developments that many of them have accumulated over the years that often require a low-level re-factoring to avoid exposing their businesses to non-compliance and fines related to the GDPR!

Therefore, 2CS already offers practical solutions to take into account this risk and support its customers towards the integration of this new regulation at lower costs.

Together, let’s move towards the right path!