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Our Mission

Self-reliance and vanguard technologies

We deliver full services cycles for any third-party software solution to give you better control of the application roadmap, to help evaluate the product’s compliance with the original requirements and to give you valuable insights into end-user impressions of the product.

We offer documented analysis of your project along with fact- and experience-oriented recommendations to either proactively process improvement or simply respond to challenges via a thorough testing process that ensures everything is working in the way it was intended. This allows for the most efficient deployment possible on your side.

We help you focus on what you really need, aligning technology with operational and financial objectives.

Software consulting

We help you focus on what you really need and align technology, operational and financial objectives.

With tried and true knowledge of both open source and proprietary tech platforms and components, we create custom solutions that address your sector-related needs (Decisions, Automation, Environment, Understanding the process).
Together, we choose and implement the most appropriate technology (Reuse of your databases, preparation and anticipation of changes in your sector, smooth transition to new systems).
To ensure the sustainability of your historical investments and business tools, we work with you to build a Reverse Engineering or Transcoding strategy for your proprietary software.

MRO Provider (old is new)

We help you target maintenance, migration, repair and overhaul objectives.

After years of helping customers screwed over by service providers or struggling with nasty bugs, we have also become specialists in project recovery. The diversity of our technical profiles and expertise allows us to intervene and sometimes even put on our firefighter suits!
With our pragmatic approach, we are convinced that the best solution is not always to start over from scratch! And yes, we are aware that this is not a very popular opinion, given that it’s much easier for an agency to throw everything away and do it all over again rather than break their backs trying to fix a problem.
We are aware of the investment that a digital project represents for a company. Also, we will take the time to review your code in accordance with the OWASP recommendations, to get our hands dirty even if it means putting in extra work, in order to understand your problem and provide the most appropriate solution.
• Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul
• Complex e-commerce takeover (Symfony, etc.)
• Recovery, maintenance & evolutions website and Android/IOS apps
• ERP/CRM data transfer
• Recovery of business applications (Delphi, C++, Python, Cobol, etc.)

Custom software development

Combining tech expertise and industry-specific knowledge.

We design and develop custom sites and applications for both web and mobile. Understand that we intervene from the moment when pre-packaged solutions are no longer sufficient to meet your business and needs. Whether it is still a simple idea that needs be defined through a digital diagnosis of your company and your processes or whether it is already well defined, we take care of your entire project from its design phase to its production launch and even beyond if you wish.
Our specialty is complexity. We develop tools with high added business value, wracking our brains to implement cloud functionalities so you don’t have to.
Our team covers a particularly wide technical scope in order to implement the tools most adapted to your needs, starting with the PHP Symfony framework in particular. However, we’re also familiar with Scala, AngularJS, Ember.js, Backbone.js, React, Node.js, JAVA Android, Doctrine, Kotlin, C++ and many others, including IOS and Android which we have also mastered for several years.
Either provided independently or as a part of a development project, our QA level is based on a Secured By Designed coding methodology as well as an automated testing framework (Sonarsource TM) driven by a product lifecycle-based model to deliver competitive and flawless software.

Cloud Services

Design of scalable & secure data architectures with every major cloud provider.

We help you simplify the management of your application environments from mobile to mainframe.
Our approach is based on high standards of certified cloud software platform and flexible engagement scenarios for on-premise (hybrid-cloud) and distributed projects.
The IT infrastructure that we provide to our customers is designed and managed in compliance with best security practices and a variety of IT security standards like the ISO/IEC 27000 series, for example.

Software Engineering & Expertise

End-to-end externalization of analysis, coding, assembly, secured, testing and delivery of a software solution.

Over a decade of VM and deployment pipeline (before name it CI/CD) through a decade of environments. Our DNA was modeled in a strong DevOps culture (actual word).
From logistic mobility processes to document generators, we build better solutions for your needs. Coding is our passion; quality coding is our job.
Our general coding guidelines include an automated process to check known vulnerabilities or leaks.

System Architecture

We deliver Architecture Management Services to fine-tune your application landscape to your IT and business objectives

We possess a complete blend of technology and methodology expertise to develop, connect and sustain product ecosystems, emphasizing component interconnectivity and uniform brand experience across multiple interfaces.
We provide tailored services for startups, rising stars and mature companies, as we fully understand the major concerns and priorities at every stage of the business lifecycle.
We deliver proof of concept prior to production development. This includes business and technical feasibility assessment through prototyping (UX/UI design) and development of a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) that perfectly demonstrates working functionality to stakeholders.
We assist you across your journey to supporting your activity, cutting TCO costs and keeping up-to-date by providing fully-fledged software modernization, optimization, reengineering and migration services.